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Family Love is a symbol of my family, my world, my heart. My family are a beautiful big ball of positive energy, 7 beautiful souls, strongly connected. We feed each other with knowledge and love. We elevate each other.

Our children are a creation that stems from the values of our marriage, our love, trust, truth and loyalty. Our passion for each other is from the heart of our souls, we love each other, we love everything about each other, it is pure and whole. Our love for our children is so pure, unapologetic, unconditional, and we'd do anything to protect, love and nurture them.

Family Love evolved as I started painting. I began channelling my soul, my spirit; I didn’t think about the big picture, the picture guided me, and the story came as I started painting. When you look at the painting you will see the human heart made up of the heart vessels, pumping love and blood, connecting our family, and all of us. The top left-hand corner is me, the one on the right is my husband, and the rest are our children and our grandchild.

When you enter your bedroom, I want these sheets to remind you of the importance of family and to wrap you in love.


Authentic Aboriginal Art

100% Cotton

100% Aboriginal


100% full of love