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"Sharing the love and culture."

Indigenous owned business

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About the artist.


Mim Cole is an Aboriginal Australian Gulumoerrgin (Larrakia) visual artist from Darwin, Northern Territory. Mim has been creating art since a teenager, learning techniques through practice and observation of the art making of her mother and large artistic family. Mim is a natural artist who experiments with and applies her traditional and abstract compositions to a variety of media including painting, printmaking, and a wide range of design work. Her sense of composition is particularly inspired by the rawness of ancient Aboriginal art. Mim’s creative practice, licensed under the name of Mimmim, holds a strong connection to identity, family, country, nature, community, unity and healing which she channels intuitively into her art. Mim enjoys pushing the boundaries of her arts practice using a mix of vibrant colours with a traditional palette to express dynamic movement in each painting and design.

I created Mimmim as a viable artistic outlet for my passion for art and nurturing others whilst providing financial freedom and cultural pride for myself and my family. I would like to use my talents to share the beauty of Aboriginal art in unique ways and create conversations that lead to healing and unifying people.

Mim and her husband co-created a charity dedicated to breaking the cycle of Indigenous youth disadvantage. The journey of supporting others has helped Mim reflect on her own journey, aiding in her own self-healing and finding her voice through her art. She hopes to encourage others towards a liberated spirit through exploring their own creative expression.

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