"Wrapping you up in love and culture"

The Artist.

Mim Cole is a Larrakia, Wardaman and Karajarri multitalented artist from Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia. Mim has been creating art since a young teenager, learning techniques through practice and observation from her mother, Uncle’s and large artistic family. Mim is a natural, self-taught artist who experiments and applies her traditional and abstract compositions to her paintings. Her most recent venture is creating a luxury bedding set, Family Love, through her design business Mimmim. Her practice holds a strong connectivity to identity, family, country, nature and Community. Mim enjoys pushing the boundaries of her arts practice using a vibrant colour palette & creating movement expression in each painting.


“I created Mimmim as an artistic and valuable outlet for my passion of art whilst providing financial freedom and self-sovereignty for myself and my family. I would like to use my art to share the beauty of Aboriginal culture in unique ways and create conversations that unify all people”.

Mim and her husband co-created the Balunu Foundation (Est. 2006), a charity dedicated to breaking the cycle of Indigenous youth disadvantage. The journey of supporting others has helped Mim reflect on her own journey, aiding in her own self-healing & finding her voice through her art. She hopes to encourage others towards a liberated spirit through seeking their own creative medium.