Medium: Acrylic on stretched canvas

Size: 107 x 76cm


The white cross-hatching represents fresh clouds. The multicoloured dotting is the sun rays in all their beautiful glory shimmering between the clouds with a background of silver-grey tones like an overcast sky forming. A feeling of the start of the wet season, the first showers: sun showers, clouds, rainbows, cool breeze with the smell of the first rains. Steam coming off the dirt and roads, everything coming to life – the trees, grass, sounds of the frogs. A coming together to form something greater.

The first rains


The end and beginning


An in-between place


Where death and birth dance in the winds and drops of transformation fall upon us


Where gloom is met with excitement and darkness met with anticipation for the first note of the thundering orchestra to play


As they say, in order to see the rainbow it first must rain


And so it does


Washing away all that has been and clearing space for new life


Rainbows remind us of the beauty of impermanence as they paint our world in wonder


What a magical thing


The first rains 



"The first rains" original painting by Mim Cole